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watercolor mini paintings


******orders capped! reached the full list in a day. Sorry!! Once I complete all current orders I'll open the list up again*****

the mega-popular tiny paintings I do at comic conventions come to the internet!

you can have me paint a favorite comic character, movie character, animal, beloved pet, food, person... whatever you can think of!

these paintings are 3"x4" and are all done in pen and watercolor. it is done on card stock.

you MUST let me know what you'd like in the paypal notes! otherwise... i'm just going to paint whatever i'd like and you'll get a painting of a cheesecake... or a happy burrito.

if it is a portrait of a pet/person, then you can send me a reference photo to katiecandraw at gmail dot com. i normally only do one character per card. i can do 2 characters/pets/etc. though!

the 3 samples images shown are very representative of what you'll get. this is not an elaborate drawing... but a fun little tiny painting!

if you have a really elaborate idea for a mini painting, let me know and we'll see if we can work something out.

Delivery can take a few weeks, as this is a custom product. Be patient, please.

Coming Soon